Pictured: (from left to right) Christine Hunter, Philip Massey and Nick Crichton at the Enterprise Centre, Ewood Park









 Three Blackburn businesses are in the best of health after relocating to Ewood Park.
Chiropractic Associates of Blackburn, The Natural Therapy Room and ConquerStress are already benefiting from cross-referral of patients and a shared knowledge of the medical industry after setting up shop at Blackburn Rovers’ renowned Enterprise Centre.
The health professionals behind the blossoming businesses all previously worked in Blackburn town centre, but the impressive facilities on offer at the Enterprise Centre, which is situated in the Darwen End of the stadium, persuaded the trio to seek a transfer.
Christine Hunter, of The Natural Therapy Room, Philip Massey, of Chiropractic Associates of Blackburn, and Nick Crichton, of ConquerStress, believe the closely-connected ‘health hub’ provides patients with a complete medical package – all under one roof.
Christine, who runs a remedial massage service, said: “I had known Philip from our previous premises and after I moved here, I invited him to come for a treatment. He saw the facilities and cost, and immediately wanted to move.
“Nick worked in the same offices as Philip, so we invited him to take a look as well and he quickly followed suit. So we are slowly taking over the Enterprise Centre’s west wing!
“The work I do relates to muscular problems, whereas Philip’s work focuses on the correct functioning of joints. So he refers ‘muscles’ to me and I refer ‘joints’ back to him. If a patient needs both ‘joints and muscles’, then we work in conjunction with one another.
“Things have been going so well that I have recently taken on a second room and I now have colleagues offering a full range of complementary therapies, including, facials, Indian head massage, total relaxation massage and counseling services.”
Chiropractor Philip, who has been in practice for 13 years, added: “Myself and Christine work in a complementary way and help clients where a combined approach can best influence their recovery. You can’t touch a joint and avoid affecting a muscle!
“I see people with back and neck pain primarily and use mobilisation and adjusting techniques to try to correct any impaired movement in the joints and get them working optimally again.
“Where I was located before, there was no lift access, which is a big plus here, along with free parking, easy motorway access, and, of course, the very nice offices.
“It’s a move I’ve never regretted and I’ve never looked back.”
Nick, who is an accredited cognitive behaviour therapist, EMDR Europe Consultant and trained in clinical hypnosis, said: “I specialise in treating people for post traumatic stress and other anxiety disorders, depression, anger and other issues. Many of the treatments follow recommendations by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.
“Some of my clients are treated in the aftermath of road traffic accidents and other trauma.  As these patients may also have physical injuries, that’s where Philip and Christine come in. It’s something I’m exploring more of, but sometimes I’m dictated by insurance firms.
“The Enterprise Centre is a great setup, which has a friendly atmosphere and is very professionally run. And having related businesses close at hand certainly enhances the business.”
Claire Stock, manager of the Enterprise Centre, which provides affordable office accommodation for local start-up businesses, said: “With these three businesses, we have been described as being a centre of excellence for health and wellbeing.
“There is scope to attract similar businesses and I would very much encourage this, but we are not just a facility for the health industry.  We have a wide range of businesses located within Blackburn Rovers Enterprise Centre.”

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